5 Teacher Low Content Notebooks!

Get Going On Your KDP Publishing With These 5 Editable Low Content Teacher Notebook Templates And Books!

Teacher Low content Notebooks You Can Sell & Keep 100% Of The Profits

Hey Simon Newcombe Here,

Publishing low and no content book business. Looking to grow your KDP?

Save yourself some time today by purchasing these 5 high-quality Teacher Notebook Interiors… See More below!

These 5 book Interiors are 150 pages.

They come with built-in high-quality graphics.

You’ll also get the 5 editable templates.

Instruction Video Included On How To Use Them.

Restyle them to your own design, change the fonts, colours, pictures and more… Add your own title pages, make some high quality book covers upload and away you go…

Samples Of The 5!


Today Only $7.99

Their will be more books and design to come very soon. Planners, Journals, Logbooks and many more!

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